The Cinder Path

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The Cinder Path

June 3 - June 3

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Mat 2PM

Eve 7.30PM

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ALL SEATS £23.00

CONC £21.00

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Leah Bell Presents Catherine Cookson’s The Cinder Path – A new musical adaptation. 

Featuring Nick Cochrane (Coronation Street) as Ginger Slater.

This powerful tale is set in rural Northumberland in the lead up to the First World War.  We follow the story of Charlie MacFell and his relationship with a cruel and domineering father, his stormy marriage and a struggle to keep a dark secret.

Catherine Cookson’s writing brings to life raw emotion, love, betrayal and resolution as Charlie finally settles old scores and finds true love.


Produced and Directed by Leah Bell

Adapted for the stage by Paul Dunn

Original music by Mike Redway