Saturday Class

Saturday Class

Who We Are . . And What We Do


All our tutors and visiting tutors (from time to time), have extensive knowledge and practice in the wonderful world of the Performing Arts. Both on stage and back stage. All tutors are fully enhanced DBS checked and our Co-Ordinator is First Aid trained.

We endeavour to cover all aspects of Performing Arts including, acting, singing and dancing and we are also going to be introducing a new strand to include backstage work and technical theatre.

Forum Theatre School runs on a Saturday with two groups. These are:

Group 1:

  • Ages 9 ½ to 16.
  • Classes from 09:15 to 13:45.
  • Lunchbreak included (packed lunch needs to be provided by parents).

Group 2:

  • Ages 6 to 9 ½.
  • Classes from 14:00 to 16:00.
  • Small break included (bottled water to be supplied by parents. No food).

PLEASE NOTE  –  Group 2 will only run if there are more than 10 students registered.

If there are less than 10, they will be incorporated into Group 1.


Fees are due on the first Saturday of the month and can be paid either by cash or by credit/debit card. We cannot accept cheques and currently do not have the facility to accept bank transfer payments. These fees MUST be paid on time. If they aren’t, your child will not be insured to be at Theatre School.

The fees are:

  • Group 1 –  £16 per session (example 4 week month, balance to pay = £64).
  • Group 2 –  £12 per session (example 4 week month, balance to pay = £48).


The Theatre School runs during normal school term time. The only times where we take a break are as follows:

  • Easter Saturday.
  • Summer Holidays (unless we run a Summer School).
  • Christmas Holidays (these will be from mid November until January).

Students are expected to attend every week. If for whatever reason they cannot attend due to illness for example, then you must make our Co-Ordinator know with plenty of notice. If you miss a week, you will still be expected to pay for that week as you are paying to keep your child’s place in our School. 


At the beginning of each year (January), each student will receive 2 free weeks of classes. These are to be used if for example, you are going on holiday during term time. This means that you will not have to pay for those 2 weeks. However, in order to use them, you must provide written notice to the Co-Ordinator at least 4 weeks prior to the date that your child will be missing. If notice is not received by the allotted time frame, you will still be charged for that class. If your child is poorly, you will still need to pay for the session they are missing. This is to keep their place with us.


We have a simple uniform which all students must adhere to. Our uniform consists of the following:

  • Blue Forum Theatre School Logo T-Shirt.
  • Black full length Leggings (girls) and Joggers (boys).
  • Black Lace-Up Jazz Shoes only (available from A1 Unique, Station Road, Billingham. 01642 36 52 14 –  mention you are from Forum Theatre School).

Please note  –  Jeans, skirts, shorts (unless extreme hot weather) are not seen as appropriate clothing for our uniform. Uniforms are mandatory.

We have a stock of T-shirts in house which are for sale at a cost of £15 each. These need to be paid for in cash sooner rather than later.

We also offer Theatre School Hoodies which can be personalised at a cost of £25 which we have made to order. Again, this must be paid for in cash at the time of order.

Drop Off and Pick Up:

All students must arrive within the 15 minute window prior to the start of the class.

They must be dropped off and picked up by their parents (unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Co-Ordinator to either be picked up by a different family member or they are allowed to go home on their own.)


Any communication that needs to be sent to parents will always be sent via letter with the students at the end of a session. Please ensure you ask your children if they have had any letters given to them.

This letter will also get sent out via E – Mail, on our Facebook page and via Whatsapp.

Discipline Procedures:

As with any organisation and all schools, we have our own disciplinary policy. Students who are continually disruptive will be put on a 3 step programme. This is as follows:

  • Step 1 –  Informal chat with Theatre School Staff.
  • Step 2 –  Formal conversation with Theatre School Staff and letter sent home.
  • Step 3 –  If behaviour does not improve, your place with us will be terminated.

A record will be kept on the student’s file of any conversations had with regards to the 3 step programme.

We operate a zero tolerance policy towards bullying of any description and any anti social or intimidating behaviour. If this is found to be going on, the student will immediately be progressed to Step 2 of the Discipline procedure.


At any time, students may be asked to take part in sound recordings, video recordings and photographs to be used either for a show or for advertising purposes within the wider community. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to give permission to allow your child to take part in these. If you do not give permission, we will endeavour to make sure your child does not appear on any such things.

Publicity and Marketing are 2 very big avenues we use to not only publicise the shows the students will be doing, but also to publicise the Theatre School to attract new members to ensure we are able to continue running.

Do’s and Don’ts of our Theatre School:

Please read carefully and adhere to the following points:

  • Arrive in good time for registration.
  • Do not leave early without prior written notice form parent/guardian.
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times.
  • Make sure your mobile phones are SWITCHED OFF when with us. You will be permitted to check them at break times.
  • Chewing of any kind is forbidden (no chewing gum/bubble gum!)
  • Do not bring visitors or spectators with you during teaching time unless specifically requested and invited to by the Theatre School Co-Ordinator.
  • Students must remain on our premises from the time they arrive to the time they leave (unless otherwise stated in writing from parents/guardians that their child can go out to get something for lunch – Ages 14 and up only).
  • Complete registration forms and headshots must be provided within the first two weeks of joining our Theatre School.
  • Make sure students arrive on time and get collected on time.
  • Ensure fees are paid for promptly at the BEGINNING of the session on the first Saturday of every month. Fees WILL NOT be taken at the end of the session.
  • Ensure the Theatre School Co-Ordinator knows in advance if you are going to be absent from a session.